Little Trip to HK!! Anime Anime Anime!!

I had a nice trip today! Bought some stuff too XD! I went to my favorite mall and I thought I went to Anime Sekai XD. Alot of anime stuff to buy!
It's time to report what I had bought today:


Oh my dear Saber... You're cute and cool XD


Shana is cute when eating melon pan! Fate/Stay Night!


That book was EXPENSIVE. It contains all information about Fate/Stay Night (including sketch arts?) plus one DVD XD!

That's all I have bought today. Many thanks to my sister! My father asked me today "What did u buy in HK?" I showed him a little bit, he knew what I bought and gave me a... hmmm \ _ / (LOL) then went back to his room. Oh well... I almost used all money he gave me... I'm sooo happy today!

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Saber Black Doll ARRIVED!

Look at this cute cute cute cute cute cute cute doll!!!!


It's very cute, isn't it?

I think more figurines are coming! Yay!

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CD Review: Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsumeawase - TV Anime Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Gekichu Kashu Single!

This CD I ordered from local Hobby shop about 3 weeks ago (repost). I have to pay $120-$100(Saber ebcraft pre-order money)= $20 The retail price is $80 (HKD)




I’m very satisfied with this single, especially the 1st song “God Knows”, that song became one of my favorite songs XD.

CD Rating: 4.5/5 (Very Good)

Song Ratings:

1.God Knows: 5/5 (Excellent!)

2.Lost my music: 4.5/5

3.Koi no Mikuru Densetsu: 3.5/5 (Funny song but not too bad)

Here are the lyrics of the song “God Knows”



背中向けて 去ってしまう
on the lonely rail

my way 重なるよ
いまふたりに God bless…

あなたへあふれだす Lovin’ you

描きながら 追いかけよう
for your lonely heart

my wish かなえたいのに
すべては God knows…

あなたがいて わたしがいて

my way 重なるよ
いまふたりに God bless…

kawaita kokoro de kakenukeru
gomen ne nanimo dekinakute
itami wo wakachiau koto sae
anata wa yurushite kurenai

mukuni ikiru tame furimukazu
senaka mukete satte shimau
on the lonely rail

watashi tsuite iku yo
donna tsurai sekai no yami no naka de sae
kitto anata wa kagayaite
koeru mirai no hate
yowasa yue ni tamashii kowasarenu you ni
my way kasanaru yo
ima futari ni God bless…

dodokete atsuku naru omoi wa
genjitsu tokashitesama you
aitai kimochi ni ryuu wa nai
anata e afuredasu Lovin’ you

semete utsukushii yume dake wo
egaki nagara oikake you
for your lonely heart

yamete uso wa anatara shikunai yo
me wo mite korekara no koto wo hanasou
watashi kakugoshiteru
kurai mirai datte
tsuyoku natte unmei kaerareru kamo ne
my wish kanaetai no ni
subete wa God knows…

anata ga ite watashi ga ite
hoka no hito wa kieta shimatta
awai yume no utsukushisa wo egaki nagara
kizuato nazoru

dakara watashi tsuite iku yo
donna tsurai sekai no yami no naka de sae
kitto anata wa kagayaite
koeru mirai no hate
yowasa yue ni tamashii kowasareru you ni
my way kasanaru yo
ima futari ni God bless…

*lyrics taken from Gendou

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Figurine News: New ASURADA AKF-0 2022”NVer. PVC

I wanted one long time ago. Because I think it's cool. VERY COOL! I dont have time to make one, because I still have alot of gundam models boxes stack up in my room. That's why I had chosen to pre-order this one.


—Maker: Atelier Sai
—Release Date: November 2006
—Material: PVC ABS
—Price: 6600 yen ($440HKD)
—Height: -
—Scale: 1/24

There is another one "New ASURADA AKF-0 2020”NVer.".


This one without tickers (compare with the 1st one) but it's limited edition, only 300 available. I dont think I will pre-order this... But I want to... Oh well... :P

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Clayz Rin Tohsaka/Sakura Matou Swimsuit, Ilya and Rin Tohsaka Normal Clothes Ver. PVCs!

These are the figurines I bought and arrived last week.
I just pre-ordered Clayz Rin Tohsaka Swimsuit and Clayz Sakura Matou Swimsuit, didn't pre-order Ilya PVC. I bought Ilya and Rin Tohsaka Normal Clothes Ver. PVCs
because I want to collect all Fate PVCs (long way to go). :P

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Fate/Stay Night necklaces

I bought these around 1 week+ ago!


Cool eh? Only $85 for a set of these necklaces.

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Figurine News: Mai Tokiha Y-Shirt Ver. PVC

Oh! Here she comes! She had won the 2nd place of "Big Breast Contest" and best female character in Mai Hime! I bet no Mai-Hime/Otome fans can resist this sexy figurine! Man... SURE ARE BIG! Half exposed... Sexy pose... *PSST* Opps... my nose is bleeding... :P


—Maker: Griffon Enterprises
—Release Date: Early November 2006
—Material: PVC
—Price: 5600 yen ($373HKD)
—Height: 10.5cm
—Scale: 1/7

I dont like sexy pose very much. I like cool pose. But there are exception. My favorite char (Mai Hime/Otome) was Natsuki, then Shizuru and Mai. I dont think I'll pre-order this one, but maybe I'll buy If it's available when I have money.

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Figurine News: Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss

This figurine comes from popular RPG game, Tales series "Tales of the Abyss". I never played this game because it was in japanese and US version is coming on October (yay!). I love RPG games, especially Tales and Breath of Fire series...

She looks more sexy in the game, her eyes are so... sexy? Hmm...

—Maker: Kotobukiya
—Release Date: November 2006
—Material: PVC
—Price: 4200 yen ($280HKD)
—Height: 20.5cm
—Scale: 1/8

I have mixed feelings about this figurine. Her eyes are too sexy to me. But I kinda like her personality. I wanted to pre-order this one, but I have to wait longer to know... Too much good figurines release on November...

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I just realized I posted alot. This blog works great. Real Great. Thanks Grace for introducting me to this blog. I'm going to update more tomorrow. Later~!

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Figurine News: Sakura Matou Battle Suit Ver. PVC

This one was announced quite long ago (I think). I think I'll post this too. This one is great... TOO GREAT... Don't you think she's cool in that suit? I heard you can change it's head (not sure). There's no way I can miss this one. That means I've already pre-ordered this one. :P


—Maker: Alter
—Release Date: December 2006
—Material: PVC
—Price: 4572 yen ($304HKD)
—Height: 20cm
—Scale: 1/8

I love Alter. Their qualities are very good... This one is really worth your money. 20cm is pretty tall. By Alter... Looks like I can wait at ease... :D

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