It's bloody cold... It's true...

Macau is cold these days... Actually, it's not that cold. Maybe because I hate hot >_>". Today I've learned some more hiragana characters XD:

TA - た
CHI - ち
TSU - つ
TE - て
TO - と


NA - な
NI - に
NU - ぬ
NE - ね
NO - の


HA - は
HI - ひ
FU - ふ
HE - へ
HO - ほ


MA - ま
MI - み
MU - む
ME - め
MO - も


YA - や
YU - ゆ
YO - よ

Wow.. I've learned 38 hiragana characters so far! GOGOGO!

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Genesis of Aquarion by Florence

I love the lyrics and the song. Best song of CODE SPEED Anime Trance album!

Here's the part of the lyrics.

Kimi ga kurikaeshi otona ni natte nandomo nandomo tooku he itte
Mimamoru boku ga nemurenai boku ga kushya kushya ni natta to shitemo
Kimi no na wo utau tame ni...

Genesis (Genesis)
of Aquarion (of Aquarion)
Genesis (Genesis)
of Aquarion (of Aquarion)

I remember sitting with you (sitting with you)
Underneath the tree of life (Underneath the tree of life)
We listened to every fainted cry
Of the creatures there on the day the world began

Looking at everything that I've lost (everything that I've lost)
And almost everything that I've loved (everything that I've loved)
I'll hold them all (in my arms)
tightly in my arms
Wondering where I am, so please tell me where to go

All of the answers you seek lie hidden in the sun (a-qua-ri-on)
If I hadn't met you my life
would've been in the (Darkness forever)darkness forever
In my wings (In my wings) are the powers of immortality
But by meeting you (You) my whole life has changed (changed)
You give light to me hope to me strength into my life

All this time these twelve thousand years
I know Aishiteiru! (I Love You!)
Eight thousand years from the time that
I've met you my love grows strong than ever before (oh My love)
Words can't say of this time
I've been waiting to share my love with you (Aishiteiru!)
I'd give you my life,
I would give you the world to see you smiling every day (smiling every day)
One hundred million and two thousand years
from now Aishiteiru! [Aishiteiru!] (I Love You!)
I want you to know since you came in my life every day, every night
you give light into the darkest skies (skies)

All these twelve thousand years I've been loving you.

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Kara no Kyoukai (空の境界) Ending Theme "Oblivious"

空の境界 is another great novel created by Nasu and Takeuchi (The founders of Type-Moon) before Type-Moon was formed. For more information, you can click on this link
It will be adapted into an upcoming movie divided to 7 chapters. 1st chapter was premiered on 1st December last year.

I have to praise for this great song produced by Yuki Kajiura (梶浦由記), one of the best composer (famous works like Madlax, My-Hime/Otome and most recent Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS) for this great song. Of course we shouldn't forget about the singer of "Oblivious" Kalafina. You can watch the 3rd trailer of 空の境界 on here.
The full song can be listened on youtube.

Damn... Can't wait to watch 空の境界 :-/

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Bad day

Today is Saturday... I was waken by an unexpected call!!! 9:00am..
Why... I barely had enough of sleep every day...
I couldn't sleep at all after that call...

Memorized five more hiragana characters:

TA - た
CHI - ち
TSU - つ
TE - て
TO - と

芳樹福山。。。 Because of him, I've used 熱気 as my nickname lol...

I wanna sleep... I wanna sleep... I WANNA SLEEP!!!

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Let's get serious!

This time... it's serious. I have to start a new life soon. Work in the morning and go to school at night?

Let's put that side!

I'm going to have geography and Nature Science exam soon... Curses the teachers! bah

Today I've memorized following hiragana characters:

KA - か
KE - け
KI - き
KO - こ
KU - く
SA - さ
SE - せ
SHI - し
SO - そ
SU - す


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Wow!? I'm back!

I've finally came back to this blog! I miss this blog XD

Starting from today, I'll begin to learn japanese writing system.. Kana (かな)! First.. Hiragana (ひらがな)

I've memorized five japanese character so far...
A - あ
E - え
I - い
O - お
U - う

Phew... *sweating* more to go tomorrow!!

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My new home! My new room!!!!

Are you ready?
Are you sure?
Are you really sure!?


Living Room... :P


The Kitchen!


Left to Right: My room, my father's bedroom, my father's playground (LOL), then Toilet!


My father's bedroom without bed and anything lol...


My father's playground lol...


This is my room before the xxxxxxxxxxxx.


Taking all figurines out of big boxes...



After putting all figurines, my friend Grace came and helped me out... With her help, we've put some posters and such... Time to take out some posters from Newtype/Megami...


We have GaoGaiGar and others welcome you!


Sexy Shana and Cute Saber!


Cool Saber and Mai-Hime Trio Natsuki/Mikoto/Mai!!!

That's all I've put.... More posters are coming tomorrow!
Now I'll present you the photos of my friend Grace! Look what was she trying to do!!!


She was trying to kiss my Sexy Shana!!! *cries*


And again she was trying to lick my Cute Saber's butt! LOL!!


We must execute this woman!!!
Grace: :P


We went to eat after xxxxxxxxxxxxxx....

Q: WTF was xxxxxxxxxxxxxx?
R: Nothing... Something I invented... LOL

Thank you Grace for everything you've done today!
Yeah... That's all for today... :P

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Figurine News: Emma from Victorian Romance Emma

This figurine is already on my list. Victorian Romance Emma was based on manga. I've read the manga before and loved it. Will Max Factory make William too? Guess not, but hope they will. This one will fits Saber and Rin maid costume lol.


—Maker: Max Factory
—Release Date: January 2007
—Material: PVC
—Price: 6800 yen ($453HKD)
—Height: 24.5cm
—Scale: 1/7

Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy!

  # by fatenekki | 2006-09-26 19:24

Figurine News: Nendoroid Yasagure Rin

YEAH!!! I've been waiting for this ULTIMATE COOLEST RIN!! HAHAHA! Even Saber's Nendoroid can't beat Rin's.... LOL LOL LOL


—Maker: Good Smile Company
—Release Date: January 2007
—Material: PVC ABS
—Price: 4000 yen ($266HKD)
—Height: 10cm
—Scale: Non

I must buy, no matter what... Oh my lovely smoking Rin LOL... Wait for me...

  # by fatenekki | 2006-09-26 19:15

Yoohoo... More Fate/Stay Night collection!

See what I bought XD...


Yeah... Bought this set with 2 secrets XD...

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