I'm loving it!

Wow. Today I watched 3 episodes of Macross Frontier with Vane. I'm surprised and glad that she enjoyed it! We had so much fun! I had so much fun to watch anime with her. I'm going to watch first, so she can ask me any questions or explain if she doesn't understand anything.


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A very beautiful woman...

Very beautiful...

I couldn't stop thinking about her.

She captured my heart O_o.


Oh Lamiroir...



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Persona - Elizabeth

I was curious about the ultimate boss Elizabeth.. So I went to check her out without looking at my strategy guide... and I regretted.

She killed me with one hit 9999HP at my first turn (I have only 999HP)...
I want to cry.

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Persona 3 - Fusing makes you crazy


I'm playing Persona 3 now. Standing inside the Tartarus and waiting for the stupid "The Reaper". The Reaper is one of strongest boss in the game. According to my Strategy Guide, I have to wait at least fifteen minutes for it to appear. Oh well..

Before that I was fusing and fusing and fusing like crazy. A little more (I have like 82%) to complete my Persona Compendium . I spent like 2 hours fusing this and fusing that. It was tiring but fun. I have to get all the things done before my FES arrives. I almost spent all my money on fusing.. meh

Damn.. I can't wait to play FES... I WANT FES!!

... OH!!

Fuuka: "I have a feeling that Death is near!"
Fuuka: "Becareful! I sense Death!"

Hoho.. I can hear his chains... Come on!!!

Come on Come on!! I'm waiting for ya!

Fuuka: "No, you can't defeat it! RUN!"

Oh really Fuuka? I'll let "The Reaper" taste my wrath!
"With Lucifer and Satan's power (My almighty Personas), you are able to use Armageddon."

I think... one armageddon will send him to hell.. Let's see...

Using Armageddon will use all my SP... that means 999 SP

*Casts Armageddon*

HA! Piece of cake! Rest in peace "The Reaper"

Note: My main character... 99 LV :P

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES


Hehehe... I've been waiting for this... I was informed by gamespot with e-mail when I finished my dinner. I didn't know I subscribed to Persona 3 news.
" News - Persona 3
Extended version of the quirky Japanese role-playing game will be released in US on April 22. "

And guess what? I've already pre-ordered it. I've got real copy (I bought it) of Persona 3... so.. why not get the expansion as well?

Looking at the features makes me want to play it RIGHT NOW:
* Acclaimed by critics and fans – Experience the definitive cut of 2007’s award-winning Persona 3, which garnered tons of critical acclaim and the adulation of a devoted fanbase.
* More than just an expansion – Persona 3 FES contains an enhanced version of the original game, loaded with additional new quests and events, Personas, cutscenes, a weapon synthesis system, the ability to change your characters’ clothes, and a hard play mode.
* 30 additional hours of gameplay – Take the role of Aigis in a brand new Persona 3 episode that plays as a full game with original story, cutscenes, objectives, and seventeen new music tracks.
* Incredible value – The enhanced version of Persona 3 game and a brand new game make for 120+ hours of gameplay, together on one disc.

Persona 3 was a great game. I beat it once... and on my way to twice. Great story, great battle system and... music too? Hehehe...

How great was it you ask? Hehe... See it yourself:
GameSpot named Persona 3 the best RPG of 2007. Gamespy named it the 2007 PS2 RPG Game of the Year and placed it second in the 2007 PS2 Top 10 Games of the Year. RPGFan gave Persona 3 the RPGFan's Best RPG of 2007 Award.

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Gyakuten Saiban 4 / Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


Man... I LOVE THIS GAME! Much better than Trials and Tribulations!
New protagonist was introducted in Gyakuten Saiban 4. Apollo Justice... huh.. Apollo Justice is a weird name... his japanese name is weird too (王泥喜 法介). I'm very happy to see Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban 1-3's main protagonist) back as... uhh.. not an attorney anymore.. ... pianist??? O_O
I love how these simple cases (look simple) in gyakuten saiban turned into unbelievable cases. I mean.. you'll like "... What the fxxx?" while playing the game XD One more case to beat the game.

I might as well introduce new and few come back characters ;) with english and japanese names


From Left to Right:
1. Phoenix Wright / Ryuichi Naruhodo
2. Trucy Wright / Minuki Naruhodo
3. Apollo Justice / Housuke Odoroki
4. Ema Skye / Akane Houzuki
5. Klavier Gavin / Kyouya Garyu
6. Kristoph Gavin / Kirihito Garyu

Trucy is Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter
Ema Skye was introduced before in Gyakuten Saiban 1 DS "Rise from the Ashes"
Kyouya (defense attorney) and Garyu (prosecutor) remind me of Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss...


I still love you Jade!!

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I've just finished playing it. It pierced my heart... Even now, I can still feel it. I don't know why...I feel pain.
Ayame and Ryo. Brother and Sister. Blood unrelated.
Love between brother and sister... What do you think?
After playing this route, I can say that love is very amazing... and scary.
How love can make someone unspeakable happy.. but also destroy.
Inside that game, it makes you feel what love is, in a way more detailed.
I think I've learned a lesson again.. and again... I've played it.. thrice If I'm right, however, I never cease to amaze this game.

It almost made me cry.

To completely understand it, you have to think yourself as Ryo... and also Ayame. Read what they said. Imagine. Feel. ... I think it doesn't work for anyone.
I... don't think incest is a crime... Well.. that varies on situations but from the very beginning, I never had a thing about incest. They love each other, their love is much more bigger than anything you can find. You can't blame them.


I can still feel the pain >_>
It's not like they had a bad ending. It's because of everything they had go through. The pain they had endured since that rape, which play the crucial part of this route.

... I should go sleep now. It's late. I have to keep going. ... I think.

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Hentai/Doujin games are so amazing...

I think that many people misunderstood "hentai games". When you first heard about hentai games (once you've known what hentai is), but must had thought...
- Sex games
- Disgusting games
and even more (don't know why i couldn't write more)... How you are going to react If a girl tells you "I was playing a hentai games yesterday."? Well, it's obvious. I know how you are going to react. I agree that some of hentai games are disgusting... but I can tell you, not every hentai games are disgusting...

I've played many. Part of them focus on sex but the other part focus on story that will make you cry.
Kana My Little Sister. It made me cry. It was not simply a hentai game.
I read it.
I imagine it.
I feel it.
Then I cried.

Everything were so touching. Playing a hentai game...is not just read. You have to feel it with your heart. It may sounds ridiculous but that's true. Sex scenes make you understand what the creators try to make you feel, but not necessary. It's just like reading a novel.

I've also cried while playing Private Nurse and Crescendo almost made me cry.

I'm playing Crescendo right now.. It made me write a post about it. I'll stick my head back to Crescendo... I'll write about Crescendo next time.

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Dungeon Explorer DS


It is a very funny game because of its multiplayer feature. I was using 52 level warrior (Sword/Shield), Lesly using his lame archer and Vane using her female warrior scythe! ... ... we were owned by pyramide in underground floor 10. Man, it has 50 floor and we were already owned T_T.

Man, I'm gonna use gunner to beat the hell out the pyramide! I used 6 hours to reach 52lv and beat the game. I think this time I need a little more time to beat it.

I think the main reason we lost because my comrades were weak (they were around 17-19 lv O_O

We gonna play more tomorrow!

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No matter what good deeds you did, chances of good things that will happen on you is very low.
Should I become an evil, maybe the good things will fall upon me? Nah, I'm weak. I don't think I can do that. Actually I'm pretty proud of this trait, I enjoy helping my friends. When my friends are happy, so am I.

But I don't know why I feel that... someday this trait of mine will lead me to... ... some way that i will regret. .. And that shyness trait of mine.

Lately things are going worse and I cannot stop depressing myself. When I try to forget the current problems, there is always someone to remind me, which cause me to enter depression or bad mood again.

What does he want anyway? He never thought of my feelings, never ask me what I want and just decide everything for me? He said he "sold the apartment to support my study" but in fact he did only for himself. I'm sure of that, I've observed from the very beginning of this. We are like that now because of all shit he did. I blame myself but I will never stop blaming him.
I never ask for more. I'm still using my long-saved money to support myself and buy something I want. I didn't ask him for pocket money for half year, except for buying Jubee's.

I know If I talk about his bad traits, we'll lead into "very serious argument". I've tried, I just talked a little and we lead into argument, which had caused me bad moon + depression.

Whenever I ask him some money, I felt so awkward and guilty. What possibility could cause that? Maybe when I can find some money to support my family, I wouldn't feel that again.

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