Persona 3 - Fusing makes you crazy


I'm playing Persona 3 now. Standing inside the Tartarus and waiting for the stupid "The Reaper". The Reaper is one of strongest boss in the game. According to my Strategy Guide, I have to wait at least fifteen minutes for it to appear. Oh well..

Before that I was fusing and fusing and fusing like crazy. A little more (I have like 82%) to complete my Persona Compendium . I spent like 2 hours fusing this and fusing that. It was tiring but fun. I have to get all the things done before my FES arrives. I almost spent all my money on fusing.. meh

Damn.. I can't wait to play FES... I WANT FES!!

... OH!!

Fuuka: "I have a feeling that Death is near!"
Fuuka: "Becareful! I sense Death!"

Hoho.. I can hear his chains... Come on!!!

Come on Come on!! I'm waiting for ya!

Fuuka: "No, you can't defeat it! RUN!"

Oh really Fuuka? I'll let "The Reaper" taste my wrath!
"With Lucifer and Satan's power (My almighty Personas), you are able to use Armageddon."

I think... one armageddon will send him to hell.. Let's see...

Using Armageddon will use all my SP... that means 999 SP

*Casts Armageddon*

HA! Piece of cake! Rest in peace "The Reaper"

Note: My main character... 99 LV :P

  by fatenekki | 2008-03-03 03:45

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