I've just finished playing it. It pierced my heart... Even now, I can still feel it. I don't know why...I feel pain.
Ayame and Ryo. Brother and Sister. Blood unrelated.
Love between brother and sister... What do you think?
After playing this route, I can say that love is very amazing... and scary.
How love can make someone unspeakable happy.. but also destroy.
Inside that game, it makes you feel what love is, in a way more detailed.
I think I've learned a lesson again.. and again... I've played it.. thrice If I'm right, however, I never cease to amaze this game.

It almost made me cry.

To completely understand it, you have to think yourself as Ryo... and also Ayame. Read what they said. Imagine. Feel. ... I think it doesn't work for anyone.
I... don't think incest is a crime... Well.. that varies on situations but from the very beginning, I never had a thing about incest. They love each other, their love is much more bigger than anything you can find. You can't blame them.


I can still feel the pain >_>
It's not like they had a bad ending. It's because of everything they had go through. The pain they had endured since that rape, which play the crucial part of this route.

... I should go sleep now. It's late. I have to keep going. ... I think.

  by fatenekki | 2008-02-23 06:14

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