Hentai/Doujin games are so amazing...

I think that many people misunderstood "hentai games". When you first heard about hentai games (once you've known what hentai is), but must had thought...
- Sex games
- Disgusting games
and even more (don't know why i couldn't write more)... How you are going to react If a girl tells you "I was playing a hentai games yesterday."? Well, it's obvious. I know how you are going to react. I agree that some of hentai games are disgusting... but I can tell you, not every hentai games are disgusting...

I've played many. Part of them focus on sex but the other part focus on story that will make you cry.
Kana My Little Sister. It made me cry. It was not simply a hentai game.
I read it.
I imagine it.
I feel it.
Then I cried.

Everything were so touching. Playing a hentai game...is not just read. You have to feel it with your heart. It may sounds ridiculous but that's true. Sex scenes make you understand what the creators try to make you feel, but not necessary. It's just like reading a novel.

I've also cried while playing Private Nurse and Crescendo almost made me cry.

I'm playing Crescendo right now.. It made me write a post about it. I'll stick my head back to Crescendo... I'll write about Crescendo next time.

  by fatenekki | 2008-02-20 05:38

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